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I’m Grant Patterson

The Grant Patterson symbol of a G and P combined in a circle.

I’m a writer, webmaster, SEO strategist, communications and social media manager, and game designer. I recently graduated from the liberal art school, Taylor University, with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing. My education allowed me to grow not only as a writer but in all the avenues that writing could take me. I even ended my college career with a paper on how to easily implement SEO changes into a website.

Also, I understand the name Grant Patterson and working in writing brings to mind another famous author, but I am not related to James Patterson, please stop asking.

Over the years I have done a variety of things for a variety of purposes. Below is a wide collection of the things that I am most proud of and my commentary on them. Though I will not publish full stories here (as I might publish them again in a few years), I will talk about the contents of the stories and provide links to full articles if available.

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6 Ways for your Character to Accept the Impossible

Harry Potter being a wizard, Percy Jackson being a demigod, Artemis Fowl living in a world of fantastical creatures, these characters have been faced with the impossible and had to accept it. While acceptance of the impossible seems to be the foundation of these stories, the acceptance itself is one of the, if not the,…

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7 Ways to Use Romance Effectively in a YA novel

Several weeks ago I published an article called “8 Reasons to stay away from Romance” (Found here), and there I listed reasons to stay away from what I coined as the “Romance Cliche”, but I never gave any ways of how to use romance in a YA novel affectively. So… as promised here are 7 ways…

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